2019, Johannesburg, South Africa






The current housing crisis being experienced by South Africa is one that has little hope of being addressed with the urgency required. With a 90-year backlog of the rollout of social housing new and innovative solutions are necessary to deal not only with the backlog but also the projected growth of urban and developing areas. The e-Khaya responds to this need by allowing users to access information to building plans, de-tails and online assistance to build their own homes.

South Africa’s informal resilience is key to solving the housing crisis. Through a careful understanding of informal housing we aim to address this with a database of open source architectural plans, easy to understand detailing instructions, online tutorial video links, material calculations and cost analysis as well as an online support “bot” to give people access to ongoing support.

It will also give access to methods of acquiring funding available from government channels and private funding. In addition to these it will help people to attain, manage and monitor micro-loans.
The app will also be available as a booklet which can be printed and distributed within communities where people do not have access to the internet or compatible cell phones.