2022 ~ Bryanston, Johannesburg
South Africa

The BIKE HAUS is a design-build that is all about the essence of the raw building and how its purity creates a backdrop for an exquisite tale of time. Home to a private collection of vintage motorcycles the building takes its inspiration from different shapes and elements found in motorcycles and acknowledges them subtly within the building.

The brief was to design a museum that could later be transformed into a home. This meant that we had to effectively design two buildings that overlapped in a clever way to future-proof services and create enough open space to function as a more industrial machine museum.

The base of the building is a concrete frame meticulously detailed to be structurally efficient yet sculptural. The entrance is flanked by a swooping 8m high concrete wall which slides onto a cantilevering staircase. The building opens itself to the north to let in light and overlooks the rim flow pool and garden.

Each element in the building is painstakingly handmade, the concrete work challenges all the norms of construction and turns the building into something unique, the staircase hangs from the roof and creates dynamic shadows in the light-filled atriums.