2023 ~ Johannesburg
South Africa

For MOD House our team aimed to revive the old modernist house into an open, bright, and timeless home with all the conveniences of modern-day life. To do this we have expanded on the original proportions of the building and coupled it with a series of additions that work with the existing to create an elegant conversation between the old and the new. The new modern additions do not seek to blend into the old but rather add something contemporary that clips onto it.

It has opened up the house in a way that gives you multiple cross-views between the southern courtyard and the endless views to the north. Although the entertainment area is open it can also be closed up to create more intimate spaces through a series of stacking steel-framed glass doors.

A placement of sculptural cylindrical concrete skylights have been used throughout the design to add a sense of volume and light to the spaces of hierarchical importance, such as the stairwell, the main entrance, and the connection from the house to the pool. It also brought light into the main walk-in closet and the main suite’s shower.

The main house is connected to the pool area with a slen­der elegant pavilion that sits to the south of the lengthy rim flow pool, which reflects the sky and drops over the edge into an endless vista of the parks of northern Johannesburg and into the horizon of the Magaliesburg.